Cyborg Concern-- More dangerous than AGI

With the development of AI technology, Cyborg, a fictional or hypothetical person whose
physical abilities are extended beyond normal human limitations by mechanical elements
built into the body, is going to become a part of our society. People will connect their body
with some artificial part for reasons like longer life and convenient movements. 

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Some people do have the concern about robots destroying humans and we also had a
debate about that in class. We found that we still have plenty of ways to prevent it because
humans are in the dominant part at the beginning and were able to control and limit robots
when producing. However, we can not do those to cyborgs who were humans before we
do some surgery. It obeys morals that let one have any control or just dominate another
individual’s mind. Which means cyborgs might approach their evil human desire with AI’s
powerful tool. If one anti-humanist transforms himself into a cyborg, replacing his brain
part that does math with a core,  he could easily hack in the online system with human
identification and AI calculation. Any worries and concerns about robots destroying humans
could be amplified with cyborgs.


Personally, I haven’t found out an appropriate way to prevent this. No matter how an AI
is developed, it has its rules that produce limited variations of decisions and could be
fixed, yet the human mind seems to have infinite possible decisions, we can not make
sure the evil thoughts won’t pop out. It is also unpossible to ban the creation of cyborgs.
The first and most important moral property is life, and artificial body parts could be an
important way to extend human living. It is not moral to tell an 80 years old man he can
not survive longer by transforming himself or put in a termination device when doing the

Human’s original body is gonna be so fragile with the updates of technology. Cyborgs
walking on the street could give the pressure to an “original” “unmodified” human like
a gun-bearer. Maybe sometime in the future everyone will just choose to transform
themselves into cyborgs when they are young to receive the same defense power to
feel safe, also other benefits and convenience. If that day happened, should it be
considered as the extinction of homo sapiens human species? Or we can consider
that as an evolution of human species, Cyborgs will suit the world more than ourselves.

James Lovelock write in his book “For tens of thousands of years, humans have reigned
as our planet's only intelligent, self-aware species. But the rise of intelligent machines means
that could change soon, perhaps in our own lifetimes. Not long after that, Homo sapiens
could vanish from Earth entirely.

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  1. It's interesting topic you brought up. You stated that "It is also impossible to ban the creation of cyborgs", was that your opinion or you read that somewhere? I just don't see how people or even doctors would be okay with doing surgeries that require those changes. Many would consider this unethical to make any modifications to human body.

    1. That's just my opinion because I think people can not stop a technology that can provide people with longer lifetime, while life is count as inestimable valuable.

  2. I'm agree that banning the creation of cyborgs would not work well, because it can be done illegally. May be using cyborgs to deal with cyborgs is a good solution?

  3. This is an interesting read! It begs the questions, is the line between human and cyborg a grey one? Or is there a definitive point where human becomes a cyborg say when their brain becomes part computer.

    1. I think is still grey at present, but should be defined as the technology grows.

  4. Interesting post, Xiaohai. I think the question about humans wanting to turn themselves into a cyborg once they reach a certain old age may not be applicable to the general population. Maybe I'm just an outlier, but I think once I am that old I will not want to be turned in to a cyborg to preserve myself. Do you think you would? Or anyone else in the class, if you were given the option to preserve yourself in the form of a cyborg around the age of 80, would you do it?

    1. I think I would, I love earth and my life and want to live forever XD. But you reminds me that people who have a religion probably won't choose that option.

  5. I have always seen cyborgs as fictional characters and that's it. The fact that we are asking if we should ban the creation, is surprising and also scary. I agree with Tuan's comment about it being done illegally and it would be interesting on what type of policies come up to deal with the creation of Cyborgs, as AI advances.

  6. I think the post brought back the long-debated issue of the line between things. Intelligence or not intelligence (the case of A.I.)? Living being or not (cloning)? Human or not human (cyborgs)?

  7. I've always found the idea of prosthetics, especially robotic ones, fascinating. When it comes to the debate about whether or not A.I. will take over jobs in the future, one possible scenario is that it could be used to augment the workforce, enabling them (for example, the elderly or those with physical conditions) or even giving them an advantage, such as lifting heavier or working faster and more efficiently. But just how far can we go? Could the disabled also finally be able to work as well?

    1. Disabled would be another big reason why we should develop this technology, actually we already have some progress on it. The first cured severe case of COVID-19 is saved by artificial lung.

  8. I think the idea of replacing human body with mechanical part will turn into reality someday. The problem I think people would have to consider is how many parts, how many percent or which parts of the body it is allowed to replaced.


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