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Cost Vs Benefit: Is NeuraLink both ethical and practical and is it a potential solution to the potential AI takeover?

Neuralink Ethical? A solution to the AI takeover?" "After solving a bunch of brain related diseases there is the mitigation of the existential threat of AI... This is the point of it." - Elon Musk What Is Neuralink? Unless you've been brain-washed to forget by some unbeknownst futuristic AI, you're likely to have heard about a man by the name of Elon Musk. What Elon hopes to do with Neuralink is ultimately control devices with just the power of thought. Elon has been pretty open with his concerns surrounding AI . Elon thought the solution to this would be to make a device to help us paesant humans try to keep up with the seemingly unavaoidable future where AI has the potential to become more of a threat than an asset. How's it work? Neuralink uses a 4mm square chip which is called the N1. This is then implanted on the skull. Wires "thinner then human hair&q
  Cyborg Concern-- More dangerous than AGI With the development of AI technology, Cyborg, a fictional or hypothetical person whose physical abilities are extended beyond normal human limitations by mechanical elements built into the body, is going to become a part of our society. People will connect their body with some artificial part for reasons like longer life and convenient movements.                                                                 credit:the trumpet Some people do have the concern about robots destroying humans and we also had a debate about that in class. We found that we still have plenty of ways to prevent it because humans are in the dominant part at the beginning and were able to control and limit robots when producing. However, we can not do those to cyborgs who were humans before we do some surgery. It obeys morals that let one have any control or just dominate another individual’s mind. Whi

OpenAI Five defeats Dota 2 World Champions: What is AI’s limit?

We all might have already known that A.I. was able to defeat humans in chess. In 1997, IBM’s supercomputer Deep Blue crushed Garry Kasparov, one of the greatest chess players in history. Chess players might defend that Deep Blue beating Kasparov was simply through brute-force approach, that Kasparov got outnumbered because Deep Blue is many computer cores after all. However, Elon Musk's OpenAI Five bots will prove that AI is legally skilled! On April 13, 2019,  OpenAI Five wins back-to-backgames versus Dota 2 world champions OG at Finals , becoming the first AI to beat the world champions in an esports game. This victory of AI becomes even more shocking 4 months later when OG successfully defended their World Champion title.             So, how did the AI beat the unbeatable? The answer is simple, “practice makes perfect.” Within only 1,5 months of the Dota 2 World Tournament, OpenAI learned and evolved its strategy by playing against itself for a total of  10,000 years of ga